Smile Gallery

Allen had a full smile makeover using veneers to improve his smile’s shape and color.

I have so much to smile about—great wife, great kids. And yet I never used to do it, I was too embarrassed. My front tooth was chipped and there were marks on a few of my teeth from back when I had braces. Then I won a smile makeover from Michael Murray. In just a few visits, he created such a dramatic change, I never would have believed it was possible. Now I smile so much my friends actually call me ‘smiley.’


Cheryl got a full-mouth rehabilitation to correct her bite, whiten her smile and replace her missing teeth.

Before I went to Dr. Murray I had headaches and neck pain. I had no idea this could have anything to do with my bite. Dr. Murray relaxed my face and jaw muscles before he even began working on my teeth. Then, when he did my smile makeover, he fixed my bite and my symptoms went away! Not only that, but my teeth are beautiful—I smile with so much confidence now. And he took the time to explain every step of my treatment. Dr. Murray is so professional, so gentle and so meticulous. I’d recommend him to anyone.